A storm looms over Gilbert, AZ during the 2011 monsoon season Jackson Wyoming Barn with the Tetons in the background Jackson Wyoming Moulton Barn with the Tetons as a nice backdrop A panoramic photo of the Tetons A panoramic image made from 2 photographs of a unique Arizona sunset. The water in the foreground is irrigation on a local farm. A combination of 3 exposures make up this lightning shot over Casa Grande, AZ A lightning strike near Coolidge, AZ lights up the sky and creates a silhouette with a nearby cactus. A powerful lightning strike lights up the sky near Coolidge, AZ A herd of Bison graze on a hill near Teton National Park, Wyoming. A huge strike touches down on the retired GM proving grounds in Mesa, AZ. A chaotic double strike over a residential neighborhood in southeast Gilbert, AZ After shooting my first few lightning images, ever, i started to pack up when the rain hit. I was already addicted at that point and had to turn and get one more shot. I handheld this shot at 2 seconds and even though the ground lights show movement, the lightning is so quick it's sharp in the image. I've been hooked ever since. Lightning strikes from an approaching storm at sunset. August 2008 Lightning strikes light up Highway 87 near Coolidge, AZ. A massive lightning bolt reaches across the sky over Queen Creek, AZ Lightning touches down in San Tan Mountain Regional Park near Queen Creek, AZ.
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